Happy New Year!


Dear friends! I’d like to take a moment of time and say “Happy New Year” to all of us. 2011 was a very important year. We made our first release – Inforbix 1.0. I’ve been thrilled to be part of what we did in 2011. I’d like to thank our customers and partners for helping [...]

Introducing the Inforbix Test Drive Demo


Sometimes the best way of getting acquainted with a new product is to take it out for a test drive.  So we have created a demo environment for you to give Inforbix a try.  The idea behind the test drive demo is simple: you are in control.  We provide you with access to the full [...]

Inforbix help videos

YouTube is an easily accessible and valuable source of knowledge.  That’s why we have placed a number of do-it-yourself Inforbix help videos on YouTube.   Here is a sample of some of the help videos we have produced: How to start using Inforbix in 20 minutes: How to do a simple search with xSearch: How to [...]

Product Data and Open Supply Chain


The end of the year is a good time to write about “next generation” stuff. We are in the midst of the Holiday slowdown with fewer emails, blogs, twits, etc., to process. I was reading Dion Hinchcliffe’s blog post Next Gen Enterprise article, Open APIs Mature Into a Next-Generation Business Model. Have a read. I found [...]

Happy Holidays!


It is a Christmas time. Amazingly enough, you can see how America is slowing down during these days. I was driving yesterday in a neighborhood. Somebody told me – it is like Yom Kippur in Israel. It made me think about Holidays time and Inforbix team. We celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas on 25th Dec and Christmas on Jan 7th. [...]

Tech-Clarity Product Data Access Maturity Model


Recently there’s been a lively discussion going around Jim Brown’s PDA Maturity model. Although we are no fan of yet another TLA (three letter acronym), we believe, Tech-Clarity’s PDA (Product Data Access) model provides an interesting approach to classifying the level of data access in manufacturing companies. Navigate to here to read more. Here is how Jim describes it: [...]

Product Data Access and 2012 business trends


It is December at Inforbix; the usual time we see bloggers play Oracle predicting new trends for the New Year.  Thinking about what is going to happen in the next year, I came across an interesting article, Technology business trends in 2012 in the Huffington Post Press by Phil Simon.  Have a read and tell me what [...]

2012, Product Data and the next big thing


2011 is coming to a close. This is usually the time when the blogosphere is awash with “predictions” for the New Year. Curiously enough, I just typed “product data 2012 predictions” in Google and didn’t find anything relevant. Hmmmm. However, I did come across an article by Forbes / O’Reily on the five big data [...]

Inforbix and Car Ontologies Interplay


About six months ago, I posted an article on Product Data Semantics. On the post, I mentioned ontologies as a fundamental element of product data semantics used by Inforbix.  I also discussed how we are creating ontologies for different types of product data sourced within different systems, e.g., CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, etc.  Here is a quote from the [...]

Friday data stories: Taking data in manufacturing company seriously


Companies are run on processes.  Processes make it possible (and probable) that good things can be repeated and bad things avoided. If you talk to business and IT execs, and other influential people in manufacturing companies, they will tell you that processes are absolutely necessary without which there would be no growth or viability in [...]