App vs. Browser: Inforbix is playing with Chrome on iOS

You can hear the question of App vs. Native Browser application often these days.  The moment when “if you have a problem, we have an app” became a mainstream rallying call, enterprises found themselves a new rallying call: easy to install mobile apps.

Inforbix, too, is thinking of this new rallying call.  As you may know, we provide Inforbix apps on standard browsers. And we provide an Inforbix mobil app on the iPad:

In addition, we are experimenting with how to optimize Inforbix apps for mobile browsers.  Below are a few screenshots of Inforbix apps running on Google’s Chrome iOS version, and yes, they look and feel the same on both the mobile browser as they do on a standard browser:

Inforbix Search

Inforbix Tables

Inforbix Dashboard

Inforbix Charts

Conclusion. Inforbix is all about flexibility. We continue working on ways of providing our customers flexibility to choose their work environment.  The combination of Inforbix app and the iOS mobile browser version from Google Chrome is an example.
Best, Oleg