Friday Data Stories: Big Data and how far data can take you


Big Data is trending.  According to some sources, there is a confounding amount of data generated on a daily basis.  Navigate to this interesting infographic to see what I mean. The way I see it, if a company is not thinking or planning ways of getting value out of all that data being generated, they will be [...]

Will Inforbix Develop Google-like PDM?


  Are you familiar with the theory of “multiples discoveries?”  If not, here’s a short explanation courtesy of Wikipedia.  The independent invention of Calculus by Newton and Leibniz is a classic example.   Also, I recommend you read Malcolm Gladwell’s article in the New Yorker magazine, In the Air.  It’s a long but very interesting article for a [...]

Inforbix, PDM, and less is more


For years I’ve observed a growing trend to stoically accept complexity when it comes to data management.  More so in manufacturing companies where data is particularly complex, e.g. CAD, BOM, Assemblies, and managing it even more so.  Whether homegrown or sourced from product data management vendors, PDM systems tend to be complex and complicated to [...]

Friday Data Stories: How Inforbix redefines “findability” of product data


Search and information are key operational words in the Inforbix lexicon.  We truly believe the ability to find and access information in a manufacturing organization can dramatically change the way people work and the way it does business.  Consider the impact information access had on the consumer and web space (remember the days before Google? [...]

Product data and social collaboration in manufacturing companies


For years, taking better advantage of product data in manufacturing companies meant using traditional data management and collaboration tools available to only a relatively few number of people in an organization – not everyone had the skills nor deep pockets to afford using them.  Today, product data continues to play a vital role driving innovation. [...]

App vs. Browser: Inforbix is playing with Chrome on iOS


You can hear the question of App vs. Native Browser application often these days.  The moment when “if you have a problem, we have an app” became a mainstream rallying call, enterprises found themselves a new rallying call: easy to install mobile apps. Inforbix, too, is thinking of this new rallying call.  As you may [...]

Inforbix, Enterprise 2.0, and ease of use


As companies and organization grow, so does complexity. Traditionally it’s been the job of IT to help manage complexity using technology. With the advent of Consumerization there’s been a shift away from IT to users with how technology is used and deployed in companies. This has lead people to talk about “Enterprise 2.0″ or “E2″.  I think [...]

Inforbix and Aras Interplay


Integrating information from various sources is an important goal for anyone working in today’s complicated data environments.  Engineering departments will generate, source, and use data in different ways than people in production and manufacturing.  Yet much of this data within a company is related or linked in one way or another.  Take for example, BOMs.  Access [...]

Inforbix Autodesk PLM 360 SolidWorks interplay


Cloud is trending.  Autodesk recently launched their new PLM in the cloud product Autodesk PLM 360.  Inforbix is very good at linking on-premise data with the cloud; it does so without moving any actual CAD or other sensitive files into the cloud.  So as an experiment, we decided to see how Inforbix and Autodesk PLM [...]

Inforbix, Excel and non-structured product data


One thing that always amazes me is how much people in manufacturing companies love Excel.  I’ve often jested that it seems every company has a CEO (Chief Excel Officer) that knows how to manage and get access to all Excel files.  At Inforbix we place much focus on giving people the ability to take greater [...]