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The founders of Inforbix, Oleg Shilovitsky and Anatoly Savin, share a common vision of how to make product data easily accessible and more usable. With this vision and a deep understanding of manufacturing companies, Oleg and Anatoly founded Inforbix to deliver solutions that help people extract the maximum value from their product data. Along the way, a core team of talented, committed, and passionate individuals have joined the Inforbix Team. Inforbix is buttressed with a diverse and very complimentary team of people with a singular goal in mind: to change for the better the way people interact with product data.

Oleg Shilovitsky, Co-Founder, CEO

Oleg Shilovitsky

Oleg is the strategist, technologist, and ideologist of Inforbix. He is an author of popular blogs (PLM Think Tank and Beyond PLM) where he is sharing his thoughts and discussing various aspects of engineering and manufacturing software. He has spent his last 11 years working for Smart Solutions, SmarTeam, Enovia, Dassault Systems. Over these years, Oleg held various positions in R&D group and company management. Most recently he was ENOVIA SmarTeam Chief Technology Officer. Earlier, Oleg has been involved in distribution and development of Autodesk-based software in Israel. In his spare time he can be found with his digital SLR camera. You can find a few of Oleg’s pictures here. In this picture, Oleg is sitting in the skybox of Willis Tower in Chicago and thinking about how to start Inforbix.

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Anatoly Savin, Co-Founder, CIO

Anatoly Savin

Anatoly is responsible for plugging-in everything, including servers, people, and coffee machines. Anatoly is leading our global technical operation. He has diverse technological and organizational experience in ERP implementations, and developing end-to-end solutions for industrial companies and consumer-oriented telecommunication businesses. Over the last 15 years, Anatoly has been in the leadership positions in the technology companies with the responsibility for development diverse manufacturing automation solutions. He has also pioneered introduction of the Oracle enterprise solutions suite into a wide range of leading manufacturing companies in Russia. After finishing his MBA in University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in UK, and seeing a clear difference between technology, business and MBA leadership, he decided to co-found Inforbix with Oleg.

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Vic Sanchez, COO

Vic’s responsibility is turning Inforbix into the most respected and sought after Product Data Company in the world. His passion and infectious energy are what will fuel our commercial engine. What fuels Vic are happy and loyal customers, that and plenty of Schwabische home cooked meals. He’s buttressed with over 20 years of leadership experience on a global level in companies ranging from Hewlett-Packard to Autodesk. In his latest assignment prior to joining Inforbix, he helped establish Newforma as the number one leader in Project Information Management solutions. He’s led operations with over 500 employees in 32 countries with half a billion dollars in yearly sales to early-stage companies with a hand-full of wild-and-crazy market pioneers. Vic has lived in the U.S., Germany and Switzerland. He’s currently living in the “Great White North” a.k.a. New Hampshire… evidence of which pictured here.

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Lev Kaufman, Customer Satisfaction

Lev is leading everything related to Customer Support at Inforbix. Along with his natural enthusiasm, he brings over 15 years of comprehensive and diverse support management experience. Lev has led a wide range of customer and product support teams in global companies such as Telrad, Nortel and Comverse. In his last assignment at Comverse, Lev served as Director of global support of the product continuous engineering and integration organization. In the picture, Lev is reflecting on ancient Chinese physicians, who were paid only for the health they maintained, not for the illness they cured. Lev is contemplating how to apply similar principles to Inforbix’s customer support.

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Steven E. Arnold,

Stephen E. Arnold

Mr. Arnold is a top analyst, researcher and advisor in the information management industry, with expertise in search and content processing. For more details see Mr. Arnold’s bio. Mr. Arnold is well known for his three groundbreaking analyses of Google. In 2008, he began the Beyond Search Blog, which is now one of the definitive guides to next generation information process.

Brad Holtz, President and CEO of Cyon Research, co-founder of COFES

Brad Holtz

Mr. Holtz is a well-recognized analyst and trusted voice in engineering software today. Holtz’s Cyon Research Stock Index, comprising a group of CAD-related companies that since 2000 have grown twice as much as the NASDAQ, represents a financial guide to this rapidly evolving sector of the high-tech economy. He is a leading proponent of educating top user management about the value of investing in engineering software.

As CEO of Cyon Research Corporation, Holtz was the driving force in developing COFES: The Congress on The Future of Engineering Software, the leading annual conference of its kind. In addition to the investment and legal communities, his customers have included: Adobe, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Boeing, Dewberry, EDS, Gensler, Hewlett-Packard, Intergraph, Kaiser Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Mobil Oil, Oce-USA, PTC, SolidWorks, Tekla, UGS, and Xerox, among others.

Josh Mings, SolidSmack

Josh Mings

As a designer and one-time reseller of SolidWorks, Mr. Mings has a deep knowledge of CAD environment administration, data management and manufacturing. Representing Gen-Y, in the Inforbix advisory team, Josh brings insights into the attitudes, thinking and challenges of CAD users, young and old. Josh is the author of the top 3D CAD blog - SolidSmack. He brings to Inforbix a deep knowledge of CAD, industry blogging and community organization.

David Kaplan, Entrepreneur, Consultant

David Kaplan

Mr. Kaplan has consulted in strategic planning, written investment grade business plans, and facilitated management strategy development for start-ups and operating companies since 1994. He has advised scores of scientists, researchers, inventors and business innovators about turning nascent ideas into concrete, executable businesses. His engagements have included biotechnology and early stage drug development, consumer products and services, software, healthcare, medical devices, Internet, high tech fish farming, automotive products and services, elder care, publishing and others. Earlier, Mr. Kaplan founded DSK Cars, a manufacturer of hand-made sports and racing cars; PoleStar LLC, a consultancy to entrepreneurs; Your Auto Expert, an alternative Internet based car retailer and; Purgatory Cove Press a publisher of fishing guides. David served as an affiliate at the Boston University Healthcare Entrepreneurship Program and taught Entrepreneurial Management at the BU School of Management. Mr. Kaplan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude from Amherst College where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and a JD cum laude from Harvard Law School.