Enterprise and Growth of Data Concern

Data is trending.  Actually, data is growing… and growing a rates that boggle the mind. According to IDC research, data will grow 44x fold by 2020.
I think the fall-out of this growth is clear: organizing all that data will become a strategic concern for companies. In a recent survey conducted by Linux Foundation, 1,893 enterprise linux users were interviewed – the survey was by invitation only.  Navigate to the following link to read more about it in Oracle Blog – A survey of enterprise users.  The following passage caught my attention:

More than 75% of respondents expressed concern about “Big Data,” and nearly 72% are choosing Linux to support it. Most enterprises expressed concern with the rapid growth of data, and Linux is clearly the platform of choice to address it. Only 35.9% are planning to use Windows to meet the demands of this new environment.

I want to talk a little bit about the concern around data growth. Manufacturing organizations we ‘ve been engaged with have all expressed concern about the growing volume of data and how to effectively operate with all that data on a global scale.  The challenge, we hear, relate to the costs associated with the operation of data at those levels.  It’s no wonder that organizations are looking at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a guide, as picked up by the Linux foundation research.  And BTW, it’s why Linux seems to be a popular choice amongst those sensitive to the high operational costs associated with data.

At Inforbix, we’re addressing two issues that resonate with the Linux foundation research: data growth and keeping the TCO of data low.  Using Inforbix does not involve or require complex installation or implementation no matter how much data is involved. It takes on average 20 minutes to get started using Inforbix in your company – and that’s the most work you’ll ever be asked to perform.  The pricing plan scales based on both the growth and amount of data usage.  TCO remains low for manufacturing companies of any size. And Inforbix provides access to engineering, manufacturing, and support product data using apps developed by Inforbix that address specific operational tasks related to product data.  I encourage you to give Inforbix a try using our test-drive demo and tell us what do you think.

Best, Oleg