Friday Data Stories: How Inforbix helps you integrate product data into online communities

Communities. A word everyone seems familiar with these days. Community represents the power of the internet created in the second half of the 2000s.  The variety of social networking sites created a new kind of problem: how can all these multiple communities be integrated together?  For those of your in the enterprise business, I bet the problem sounds familiar.

Some interesting work done in the area of online community integration was done by the SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) project. You can learn more about the SIOC here. Here is a short description taken from the site:

The SIOC initiative (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) aims to enable the integration of online community information. SIOC provides a Semantic Web ontology for representing rich data from the Social Web in RDF. It has recently achieved significant adoption through its usage in a variety of commercial and open-source software applications, and is commonly used in conjunction with the FOAF vocabulary for expressing personal profile and social networking information. By becoming a standard way for expressing user-generated content from such sites, SIOC enables new kinds of usage scenarios for online community site data, and allows innovative semantic applications to be built on top of the existing Social Web.

The interesting development of the SIOC project was to discover how many online social communities are supporting SIOC. Navigate to the following link:, to find example of the communities, tools, and sites supporting SIOC. The list is pretty impressive.  I also want to recommend the following paper, Interlinking the social web with semantics. The article goes a bit more in depth about how the SIOC interlinks with the social web. The following pic shows all elements of SIOC:

As usual, you might want to ask me how this relates to Inforbix.  And as usual, I’ll tell you. Manufacturing companies are finding themselves more and more in consumer facing situations.  This is not a surprising.  Today’s world has become more consumer oriented than ever. Think about the latest acquisition made by Autodesk, SocialCam, a people sharing videos community.  Here’s the news story in case you missed it.  One of the important questions companies are looking for an answer too is how to get into this social place with the products they manufacture or develop. Inforbix provides an answer to these companies.

By using semantic technologies (eg. RDF, OWL), Inforbix converts product data into a stream of information that is compliant with systems and tools supported by SIOC. Product data can therefore be easily integrated within online communities and other social circles. This data provides an excellent context for the social collaboration everyone desires these days. If you want to learn more about how Inforbix works, please feel free to contact us via email on  Moreover, you can try our test-drive demo or register to use Inforbix on your data for free.

Best, Oleg