Friday Data Stories: How Inforbix redefines “findability” of product data

Search and information are key operational words in the Inforbix lexicon.  We truly believe the ability to find and access information in a manufacturing organization can dramatically change the way people work and the way it does business.  Consider the impact information access had on the consumer and web space (remember the days before Google?  I hardly can).  People often speak about “search” as an important and vital component of information access.  In our view, search is a proven tool.  But the focus now needs to be on how to improve data “discovery” and “findability”.

Inforbix is not alone in this way of thinking. I recently read an article titled search vs. findbility vs. information retrieval.  Have a read. Here’s the passage I specially liked:

Search engines worked on brutal way of organizing information based on keywords. They would basically go through a junk of information and try to extract out of there the best matches and put them on indexes. If we could note the order, is Junk of Data, to Order by a third party who analyzes your content based on keywords, NLP and some other great metrics.

Inforbix is different because of the approach we take with data organization. Instead of brutal indexing, our data scanners (we call them Product Data Crawlers) capture and analyze data at the time data is created, modified, or changed.  As a result, we build an intelligent semantic network of data.  Here’s another passage from the same article that resonated:

What Findability should be, and what the Semantic Web promises is a new approach. Order first and then the rest will be easy. By using Faceted Search or other Information Retrieval interfaces findability is achieved. Computer Search is based on indexing a junk of data, while Findability should be a process defined at the moment when the data are created.

Take a look at how this comes together using Inforbix:

Conclusion. Inforbix redefines the way data can be organized and accessed. This is what “findability” is about.  Manufacturing data is interlinked and semantically connected.  Exposing these connections and links will, in our opinion, drive better data reuse and decision support.  That is the new expectations for search and the ultimate goal of “findbility”.  Learn more by giving Inforbix a test-drive today.

Best, Oleg

picture credit Armand Brahaj blog