How Inforbix piles together mobile, big data and cloud

Manufacturing and engineering software are not known as fast paced industries.  Change comes in small, and dare I say, gradual increments. Manufacturing companies are, by and large, conservative.  I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing.  Simply that by both nature and nurture, manufacturing companies tend not to rush into technology revolutions.  And with regards to manufacturing software, product life-cycles are measured in years.  It is not unusual to see software packages that were written 10-15 years ago still in production environments.

But maybe we are about to witness a significant change in the status quo within the next few years.  There’s a “perfect storm” forming that combines three separate technology tempests: mobile, Big Data, and cloud.  I’ve been reading an interesting article,Where IT is going: Cloud, mobile, and data.  Here are a few quotes I found notable:

Through the lens of next-generation IT, think of cloud computing as being about trends in computer architectures, how applications are loaded onto those systems and made to do useful work, how servers communicate with each other and with the outside world, and how administrators manage and provide access. This trend also encompasses all the infrastructure and “plumbing” that makes it possible to effectively coordinate data centers full of systems increasingly working as a unified compute resource as opposed to islands of specialized capacity.

Mobility is also behind many of the changes in how applications are being developed — although, especially within enterprises, there’s a huge inertia to both existing software and its associated development and maintenance processes. That said, the consumer Web has created pervasive new expectations for software ease-of-use and interactivity just as public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services have created expectations of how much computing should cost. 

So how does this relate to Inforbix?  We believe there’s a significant “rethink” of how people are interacting and working with data in manufacturing companies.  The data management and data access paradigm is shifting away from ponderous software packages to nimble and simple apps and tools which leverage the cloud and mobile to create new ways to access and interact with data of all types (Big, structured, unstructured, etc).  This comes at very timely moment when companies are doing a bit of IT soul-searching.  Inforbix deploys cloud technology to deliver effective solutions that require no maintenance and are easy to use by anyone.  Moreover, by incorporating a mobile strategy, data becomes accessible to everyone in the company.

Conclusion. Inforbix is rethinking data access and product data management.  This fits well with the mobile, big data, and cloud perfect storm that is brewing in the industry. Manufacturing companies will be able to make interesting technology choices that break from the traditional software paradigm.  We think Inforbix is coming at the right time.  Give it a try and tell us what you think.  How is the cloud, mobile, and big data impacting the thinking in your company?  Let us know.

Best, Oleg

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