How Inforbix supports social networks and frictionless information sharing

In addition to enjoying exceptionally warm Boston weather this weekend (see pics here), I’ve been catching up on some social reading during this past weekend. Two articles from Gartner caught my attention. Search and Enterprise Social Networks and  Frictionless Sharing and the enterprise social network. The ideas shared in these two articles resonated with the way Inforbix enables information sharing in manufacturing organizations.  The following passage is one of my favorites:

As multiple business applications become integrated with a social network site, a significant challenge will be the normalization of business entities across applications. For example, aligning a customer record in a CRM system with the same customer record in a warranty claims system. Without this alignment, cross-business application relationships cannot be captured within the site’s social graph and workers participating in the network will see duplicate customer profiles (one from the CRM system, the other from the warranty claims system).

Many of these information aggregation challenges are not new. They share similar qualities to those being addressed by today’s enterprise search solutions (as well as data warehouse applications). Now, I am not talking about the simple keyword search, but rather search-based applications that aggregate information across multiple sources of business information. These applications often offer rich navigation methods for exploring the information and finding previously unseen relationships.

The wide adoption of social networks provides an interesting perspective on info sharing, especially for smaller manufacturing companies.  Whereas large companies have many options at their disposal, smaller companies can use simple and affordable ideas to innovate.  And social networks are both an affordable and effective way to go.  However, the challenge of sharing information across the company remains a complicated task. Data management solutions and techniques are well known yet are a complicated and expensive way to go.

Inforbix proposes a different approach.  Inforbix scans and indexes data in it’s original location from multiple places in your company such as drawings, files, CAD models, excels files, etc. By making this information available, Inforbix make it possible to share information within your company’s social network such as SharePoint, Jive, etc. That’s because Inforbix follows exactly same ideas and principles as social networks, i.e.,  aggregating information located in multiple places.  Here’s a video with an example related to a typical work-flow.

Conclusion: Inforbix simplifies data sharing in companies by making the process of doing so seamless and without causing friction.  Give it a try in your company. Register today. There is no risk, the first 20,000 files scanned are free and installation of the data crawlers takes only a few minutes.

Best, Oleg

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