How Inforbix takes your engineering department mobile

I recently posted how easy it is to use our mobile application.  Navigate here  if you didn’t catch that post. In addition, here’s a video that shows our mobile app in action.  We produced it when we first launched our Inforbix Mobile iPad app; it could be helpful viewing again:

The BYOD (i.e. Bring Your Own Device) to work trend has enabled companies and people to take advantage of their personal mobile devices for work related tasks.  For engineers, accessing their product data on the go such as CAD files outside the office could be very helpful.  The Inforbix Mobile app for the iPad makes it possible for an entire engineering team or company to go mobile instantly.  All it takes is for any Inforbix customer to download Inforbix Mobile from the Apple App Store, login in using their Inforbix credentials and they are now able to securely access their product data on the go. No other special installation or deployment is necessary for existing Inforbix customers.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Inforbix Mobile taken directly from the iPad to illustrate what an engineer sees when on the go.  First, they log in using their credentials:

They next search for any piece of product data located anywhere in their company, for example, a CAD file from a previous project.  Note how the Mobile app results provide links to other related files (“See Also”):

Conclusion.  Going mobile is trending.  With Inforbix, it is possible to take an entire engineering team mobile instantly.  All it takes to go mobile is using Inforbix (register today if you’re not currently doing so), downloading Inforbix Mobile from the Apple app store, and logging in.  We think accessing product data on the go is helpful.  What do you think? Would your engineering department benefit going mobile?

Best, Oleg