How to create a CAD drawing report in less than 5 minutes with Inforbix Tables

Sometimes you need to quickly pull together a CAD report.  For example, creating a CAD drawing report for a surprise project team meeting.  How would you go about doing it today in your company? Here’s how you can pull together a CAD report in under five minutes using Inforbix.   It just takes a few simple steps:

1. On the Inforbix Home app, create a quick report in useful tasks (e.g. search for all SW CAD drawings in your company, no matter where they are located):

2. Here’s what a quick report using Inforbix Tables looks like for all SW CAD drawings found anywhere and everywhere in the company:

3. Next, you’ll want to customize the CAD report so it’s meaningful for the task at hand, e.g. saved by, last saved date, etc.  Inforbix Tables let’s you customize table columns by simple drag and drops:

4. You can now filter the columns and save your customized report:

5. Inforbix let’s you monitor changes to your CAD drawing report automatically using Inforbix Dashboards:

6. Finally, you can share your report with anyone inside or outside your company for effective collaboration and communication using My Stuff:

Creating reports with Inforbix Tables is fast and easy.  Inforbix scans and indexes on-premise files located on multiple computers (even if not connected by shared drives) and using cloud technology, aggregates them into useful reports anyone can create.  No special skills are necessary. Try Inforbix Tables for yourself using our test-drive demo.

Best, Oleg