How to extract Bill of Materials (BOM) from CAD drawings using Inforbix in under 5 minutes

Bill of Materials are the meats and potatoes of every manufacturing company.  To have Bill of Material information available is essential to manage product development processes. To have drawing Bill of Materials is especially important to feed other processes with initial product structure. Keeping track of drawing BOMs can be a big challenge.  On today’s post, I want to show you how easy it is to extract a drawing bill of materials from any CAD drawing in your company and create a virtual report that always reflects the most current version of the CAD drawing BOM.  Here’s a short video that illustrates in real-time how it’s done using Inforbix:

Would having a way of always having the most current CAD drawing BOM be helpful to you? If so, then consider giving Inforbix a try.  Register today to use Inforbix to aggregate and access useful information from your CAD drawings and other product data sourced and located anywhere in your company.

Best, Oleg

picture credit SolidWorks Help.