How to find, reuse, and share CAD files in under 5 minutes

Reusing product data contained in CAD file is a common task performed by engineers in manufacturing companies.  For many people, however, finding and accessing CAD files from multiple locations and sources within their company is a time consuming process.  The process usually involves searching through many folders and directories on different file servers, asking people for help, and figuring out how to use unfamiliar data management systems.  Generic search tools are not designed and intended for searching and accessing CAD files and are usually expensive and complicated to deploy and use.  On today’s post, I want to share with you how Inforbix helps you find, reuse, and share CAD files in under five minutes.  Here’s a video we just produced that shows you how Inforbix uses cloud based product data apps to help you reuse product data in your company:

Getting started with Inforbix takes minutes.  Installing and deploying Inforbix requires nothing more than downloading a Wizard that guides you through the installation process.  It takes a couple of minutes to install the product data crawlers which scan and index your product data.  Scanning and indexing take place as a background process without disrupting or interrupting any ongoing work or systems.  Your product data is accessed using any standard web browser using our product data apps that help you searchreportsharevisualize, and monitor your product data.  You can even use Inforbix on the go.  No special training, data migration, or ongoing maintenance is required by you.

Conclusion.  Inforbix helps you find, reuse, and share CAD files in your company no matter where they are located.  Because Inforbix uses cloud technology, it takes no special skills or training to deploy and use.  Try running through the demo on the video yourself using our test-drive demo.

Best, Oleg