How to get from product IP to the right data

Data is one of the things we are passionate about at Inforbix.  Data is in our DNA.  Think for a moment how your daily life would be affected without modern data tools such as Google, social maps, social nets, etc. How miserable (or disoriented) would your life be without these sources of information?  Now, imagine similar for a manufacturing company. The amount of data and information is huge and the ability to get at the right data is both complicated and challenging, in my view. You have tons of databases, files, excels, applications, and other sources of data generation and storage. When you need it, what is the right data and how do you access it?

I’ve been reading an interesting article by GigaOM, it is not the big data, it is right data.  Here is my favorite passage:

”When you represent data in traditional relational databases, you can compromise the inherent nature of the data. And if you integrate a lot of data together, ultimately that data looks like a large array. Representing an array in a traditional database is really an unnatural act,” he said.

So how does this relate to Inforbix? you may ask. Here’s how: Inforbix is going “beyond” databases, excels, CAD files, and the like by connecting all these data assets in a network of information that is intuitively exposed using product data apps. By applying indexing and additional semantic functions, Inforbix helps you get to the right data quickly and easily.

Conclusion. Our passion is to simplify the way engineers and other people in manufacturing companies access the data they need and do something useful with it. Access to the right data at the time you need. Give our test drive demo or register to use Inforbix on your data for free.

Best, Oleg

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