How to start using Inforbix in 20 min

Let me show you how start using Inforbix in your company. You probably have a bunch of CAD files, Excels, and PDFs containing product data spread out on your hard-drive and shared folders in your company.

To start using Inforbix, all you need to do is download Product Data Crawlers (PDC) and install it on your computer or one of the servers in your company.  That’s it.  You and eventually every single person in your company can have access to your company’s product data, no matter where or how it is stored.

Here’s a video that takes you through the full installation process:

In the example I present in the video, from download to indexing to accessing the product data using Inforbix took about 20 minutes: that’s over 1500 CAD, Excel, and PDF files containing product data.  Within no time (20 minutes), Inforbix Search and Inforbix Tables (two of our Inforbix Apps) are ready to use.

If you think Inforbix could help you and your company get more out of your product data, explore our website and give us a try.

Best, Oleg