How to unStructure Product Data and Make it [more] Social

Product data is everywhere and has a knack of hiding in different specialized systems, files, and formats. Manufacturing companies generate and use vast amounts of specialized and complex product data that make decision support difficult. Product data is difficult to access because it is sourced within different file types and fragmented across disparate departments and information silos. One of the top business imperatives that drive manufacturing competitiveness is innovation. Today’s computing experience has become more social, thanks to the web, social networking, and mobile innovations available and accessible to many.

And speaking of social, cloud technology is playing a significant role in that as well. I’ve been reading an interesting Forbes article, An unStructured Future For Cloud Computing. Here the interesting that caught my attention:

Mårten Mickos the former CEO of MySQL and current CEO of Cloud infrastructure software company Eucalyptus told me the future of cloud computing is in explosion of data and helping companies navigate the multitude of options in deploying traditional application to the cloud. 

For years now, social networking has changed the way people collaborate . Social networking has recently begun a move from influencing our personal lives to our business environments. New and existing enterprise technologies and processes need alignment with social networks to develop new collaboration practices.  A big challenge facing this alignment is a lack of new tools that integrate collaborative practices and workflows with data.  As a tool that helps people take better advantage of unstructured product data,  the Forbes article resonated with Inforbix.  In other words, Inforbix crosses the boundaries  created by unstructured data by unlocking difficult to access data  and making it available to anyone and thereby, more social.  Here are a few screen shots of data snippets that illustrate how Inforbix aggregates unstructured product data in an intuitive and useful way:

Note how Inforbix automatically links an Inventor drawing to other documents of interest, e.g. drawing references, drawing BOM, AutoCAD files, Assemblies, etc.:

Or how an Excel file is linked to a CATIA document:

Conclusion. Context is one of the most important elements of social collaboration. Think about  pictures and videos on Facebook.  Inforbix exposes product data (CAD drawings, assemblies, BOMs, etc.) from any source of location in a manufacturing company and makes available for people to collaborate more socially and effectively.  Give Inforbix a try at your company, register with Inforbix today or try creating the data snippets on this post yourself using our test drive demo.  How much unstructured product data does you company have?

Best, Oleg