Inforbix 3D viewer experiments

3D is an important and practical part of the engineering software experience. Despite some people maintaining that “2D always works”, I believe 3D View’ing independent of a CAD system is an important requirement more people expect nowadays. This is a requirement many of our users have requested from Inforbix early days. In response, Inforbix has been conducting experiments with a few vendors offering 3D viewing. Our goal is to offer our users the option to view product data in 3D when using Inforbix apps.

On today’s post, I want to share with you some of the viewing capabilities that will soon be available to Inforbix users.

The 3D viewer will be activated by an action button dedicated to 3D viewing on each data snippet (note the 3D View button on the far right of each data snippet).

The 3D viewer, when activated, appears on a separate browser tab or window to provide full detailed views and alignment.

So there you have it. Tell us what you need from a 3D viewer. What functionality is important to you? What formats need to be supported? Let us know, ’cause your feedback matters!

Best, Oleg