Inforbix and Siemens PLM survey about Manufacturers data management challenges

If you haven’t had a chance to read the news today, Inforbix is going to SolidEdge University, here’s the press release for more info. During SolidEdge University, we will be presenting Inforbix apps to attendees of Siemens PLM SolidEdge University. As part of getting ready to meet with the SolidEdge user community, I was reading the Siemens PLM software blog article, Survey Highlights Data Management Challenges Faced by Manufacturers (Infographic). Have a read of this article and masterpiece of infographics made by Dave Chadwick, Global Marketing Manager of the Velocity Group at Siemens PLM.  SolidEdge and the Velocity series are related which is why I found the infographics both interesting and educating.

Here are some facts I picked up from the Inforgraphics which convey results of the survey on managing design data:

- 40% of the respondents indicated that data search is a problem with managing design data;
- because data complexity is seen as a growing problem, 49% of respondents indicated that search and retrieval is a non-productive time consuming activity;
- 55% of respondents indicated that for them, the opportunity for fast and accurate search and retrieval of information is the top means of improving data management; and
- world class companies are 2.7 times as likely to be very effective at finding data.
Also, here’s a passage from the article that resonated:

So what are the respondents in these roles and across these industries currently using for managing their design data? A surprisingly large number (24%) are still using a paper based file system to perform at least part of their data management needs. 29% are using local computer file systems and 53% network drives (respondents could select 2 options from these categories). Only 29% were using PDM/PLM and 8% were using a generic document management system.

The passage buttresses the feeling I have that most companies (i.e., over 70%) in manufacturing companies are NOT using PDM / PLM systems.  So what can Inforbix offer? Fast and accurate search and retrieval of information that addresses what 55% of the respondents indicated they need. Inforbix offers painless and seamless access to data located anywhere in a manufacturing company by scanning and indexing data. Implementation requires a minimum investment of time and effort (in some cases, as little as 20 minutes).

You can start using Inforbix for free (more info re pricing here) on a project or design team and be up and running within hours or at most, a day or two.  Moreover, Inforbix supports SolidEdge as well as other MCAD systems.  Here’s a screenshot of SolidEdge parts aggregated from several locations using one of our apps, Inforbix Search:

Conclusion.  We are looking forward to learning more about Velocity and SolidEdge users at SolidEdge University and how Inforbix can help them solve their data management pain with search and data sharing.

Best, Oleg