Inforbix and the power of simplification

I remember a time when complexity was synonymous with robust.  A “robust” software solution was by necessity “complex”.  That’s because companies wanted solutions that mirrored the complexity of their business processes, work-flows, and tasks.  Big problems required complex solutions; everything had to be integrated and somehow come together and work as “one”.  The more features and functions supported in a single solution, the better.  It was understood by customers that complexity came at a price.  And time and resources.  It wasn’t unusual to see technology deployments last years.  But things are changing.  The technology revolution happening in consumer markets has made it’s way to the enterprise.  This means that complexity is giving way to simplicity.

I was reading an interesting post on the Export Blog authored by Aaron Levie, The Simplicity Thesis.  Aaron is talking about how simplicity is a growing trend.  I found this passage interesting:

In the ’90s and into the 2000s, an early wave of Internet services focused on simplicity through disintermediation: Amazon for shopping, eBay for selling, Google for searching. But these nascent players were limited in their approach. Sure, self-serve Internet services inevitably required some level of simplicity, but everything was just so damn new that experience didn’t meaningfully help companies differentiate. At least at first. But then companies like Yahoo and Microsoft grew into monstrosities, producing bloated technology empires.

Today, things are different. Putting up a website is no longer novel. A clunky consumer device simply won’t be adopted when alternatives from Apple exist. And as more and more of the hard work of building infrastructure, managing computing, and installing and monetizing applications is abstracted from what necessarily goes into launching a company today, differentiation is going to come from solutions that create the best (read: simplest) experience.

The preceding quote resonated with Inforbix.  We think simplicity is a virtue that provides value.  We have tried to make every aspect of Inforbix simple.  From making it simple and easy to deploy to creating a simple user interface that can be used by anyone of any skill level.  Here’s a screen shot of the Inforbix Home Page:

Here’s another screen shot, this time of My Stuff.  Note the familiar and intuitive interface:

Conclusion: Inforbix embraces simplicity without sacrificing value. We have thought of ways of providing product data apps that address specific tasks in simple and direct ways. One size doesn’t fit all, so we avoided trying to do just that. Rather, we think that providing simple and straight-forward tools and apps that address your product data challenges (e.g. finding, accessing, reusing, sharing, etc) is the way to go. Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts and while you’re at it, give Inforbix a test-drive.

Best, Oleg