Inforbix Duplicates and file statistics

Inforbix Duplicates is the new kid on the block of Inforbix apps.  The general idea behind this app came from people requesting a way to help them identify duplicated content in their organization.  For many companies that work with CAD, Excel, PDF and other file types, duplicate content is generated by people for all sorts of reasons, e.g. revisions, edits, shared downloads, etc.  You may be tempted to remark that data management is a solution to reducing duplication.  But remember, data management is complex and expensive.

Inforbix wants to tackle the challenge of duplicate files in new, fun, and affordable way. Inforbix indexes and scans all files from any location in your company you configure (you are always in control of what Inforbix indexes) and makes these available via Duplicates which I talked about in a recent post.  Navigate here for the post.  The new version of Duplicates, coming in couple of weeks, introduces some cool additions such as showing you stats about all the files in your company, e.g. a chart with number of file per category, the approximate percentage of duplicated file names in all folders, the largest number of files in a single folder, etc.  Here’s a screen shot of how these stats are presented in the new version of Inforbix Duplicates:

We think it these stats are pretty cool and helpful!  And we are looking to add more features to Duplicates.  For example, in future you will have an automatic link to the report of all duplicated files (using Inforbix Tables).

Conclusion. Having an ability to quickly and easily identify duplicate content is a desired solution to a common problem people face in manufacturing companies. Inforbix Duplicates helps eliminate mistakes, reduce wasted storage,  and improves overall data quality. If you have an idea of what additional stats you would like to see in Inforbix Duplicate, let us know. We always welcome and appreciate your comments and feedback.

Best, Oleg