Inforbix experiments with SpaceClaim file type support

At Inforbix, we’re always looking for ways to make it easy for our users to access data from different file types and sources.  Navigate to our supported data sources page to learn what data types Inforbix currently supports. Right now, we are experimenting with supporting file types from SpaceClaim.  I’d like to share with you some screen shots of our progress thus far of our experiments with SpaceClaim:

This is a screen shot of an Inforbix Search result for all .scdoc documents in our experimental SpaceClaim data set:

This screen shot features an individual data snippet of a .scdoc.  Notice how Inforbix provides useful links to related information, e.g. Parts Table, a related AutoCAD file, etc.

On this screenshot, we’ve navigated to the Parts Table link on the data snippet above and present the resulting table data snippet.  Inforbix can extract table information from the .scdoc file which can be tabulated and monitored for changes by the user using Inforbix Tables or Dashboard.

The final screenshot I want to share is a tabular report of all SpaceClaim docs created by Inforbix Tables with useful information such as Creating Date, Modified [date], etc.

Conclusion.  Inforbix technology is open and flexible making it capable of supporting a wide variety of data types and sources.  Product data apps give users the ability to access, expose, report, and monitor their data across data sources and information silos.  We hope you find our experiment with SpaceClaim interesting.  What do you think?  Would adding SpaceClaim support to Inforbix be helpful to you?  Let us know.  Also, if you get a chance, try our test-drive demo.

Best,  Oleg