Inforbix HELP resources

We try to make Inforbix as easy and simple to use as possible.  We are always looking for ways to make our UX as intuitive as possible for users of all skill levels and experience. However, questions on usage can and do come up.  On this post, I’d like to talk about the different HELP resources available to users (or anyone interested in Inforbix) that will help you get the most out of Inforbix.  I’ll list them and make a few comments on each:

1. The Inforbix HELP page offers users links to “How to…” videos.  For new users, it’s worth checking out.

2. The Inforbix blog page contains over 100 articles, many of which provide guidance, tips, and tricks on using Inforbix.  The easiest way of checking if there’s a blog article that addresses your question is to simply enter the topic on the webpage search field located on bottom of every Inforbix webpage.  Here’s a screen shot of the webpage search results for the topic “security”. Each result is a link that takes you directly to the blog article or resource on our page:

3. The Inforbix Youtube channel contains over 55 videos that cover many HELP related topics.  From ‘How to extract a BOM table from CAD drawing‘  to providing search tips, “How to install Inforbix“, and much more.  Chances are there’s a video available that can help you get more out of using Inforbix.

4. Using “Contact us”, available directly on each page of our product, will ensure we get back to you quickly when you run into any issues or have questions.

5. Another way of getting HELP and contacting us directly is to send us your question or request for more information on email to  This email is available to anyone, users and future users alike.

6. Finally, I want to share a trick that can provide you with links to many of the HELP resources we make available: Google.  If on the Google search field you enter the word Inforbix followed by the topic of interest, there’s a good chance Google will return helpful links to the Inforbix HELP content you need.  Using the same example as before, here’s a screen shot of a Google search for ‘Inforbix security’.  Notice how all the top links following the Google Ads are Inforbix links to security related topics:

Conclusion.  Inforbix HELP content is available from different resources.  We are thinking of ways of making it as easy as possible for all Inforbix users to get HELP when they need it on the topics they need.  We invite anyone interested in Inforbix to explore our HELP resources to learn more about Inforbix.  Let us know what you think.  Are there any HELP topics missing that you’d like to see content on?  Are our HELP resources easy to access? What would you recommend?

Best, Oleg