Inforbix mobile search for CAD and product data on the iPad

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  On today’s post, I’ll share a few pictures that illustrate a typical use case scenario with our soon to be available iPad app.
Here’s the scenario: You are offsite (let’s say at a coffee shop) discussing a project with a client.
You need to access a particular CAD drawing that’s come up in conversation.  Here’s how the story unfolds from the perspective of how you use the Inforbix iPad app to delight and impress your client:


1. You need a Solidworks drawing referenced by a particular Solidworks part drawn by a colleague (let’s say his name is Superman).  You search for “Superman” and filter for “SolidWorks Part”:


Categories Filter


2. The filter results narrow down the choices and makes it easy for you to quickly pin-point the particular Solidworks part you need:


Text filter


3. You take a closer look and see there are files related to this particular Solidworks part.  You want to know where this part was used.  Inforbix automatically finds related pieces of product data:

Solidworks Part and Relationships

4. After touching “Where Used” you quickly pin-point the Solidworks drawing that uses (i.e. references) the part you found:

SolidWorks Drawing view and attributes


5. You notice that there’s an AutoCAD drawing that is related to this particular Solidworks drawing.  The client is also interested in this AutoCAD drawing as well.

SolidWorks Drawing view and other links


6. Touching the “AutodCAD file” navigates you to the AutoCAD file related to the Solidworks drawing automatically linked together by Inforbix:

SolidWorks Drawing view and other links


7. Now you save this particular result as “acad drawing for left rider” should you need it again at some other time:

Saved Result


8. And you share a copy of this drawing with your colleague back at the office who will update the drawing per your conversation with the client:

Email search results


Conclusion.  The soon to be available Inforbix iPad app let’s you search and access product data in your company on the go.  It gives busy engineers the ability to remain productive wherever they are.  The iPad app let’s you search, filter, view, save, and share your product data on the go.  And because it’s using Inforbix technology, the mobile app finds product data from disparate sources and locations.  So keep your ears close to the ground… the Inforbix iPad app is coming very soon.


Best, Oleg