Inforbix, PDM, and less is more

For years I’ve observed a growing trend to stoically accept complexity when it comes to data management.  More so in manufacturing companies where data is particularly complex, e.g. CAD, BOM, Assemblies, and managing it even more so.  Whether homegrown or sourced from product data management vendors, PDM systems tend to be complex and complicated to use and maintain.  I’m not taking a shot at PDM, only reflecting what I’ve observed over the years.  And there’s no denying it, what ever you happen to think of PDM systems, everyone agrees that controlling and managing data is necessary to keep from getting buried in it.  Some companies have such data management challenges they have more than one PDM system.

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article on the IEE blogs, Why You Need As Few PDM Systems as Possible.  The article asserts that consolidating PDM systems is critical to the long term success of an organization.  The article cites six reasons why there should be as few PDM systems in a company as possible.  The first reason cited really resonated with me:

Where is your data? When users have to hunt across multiple databases to find their information, you add an unnecessary delay to every drawing search or document review.

The article made me think of the role Inforbix plays in helping manufacturing companies tame their data complexity challenges.  Inforbix seamlessly aggregates data from many different sources and locations.  This means that for a company with one or more PDM systems (or even with no PDM system), Inforbix can help consolidate data and PDM systems and/or the data contained therein without adding additional complexity or overhead.  If you haven’t caught it yet, read my post from last week to get more perspective on what I mean:  Friday Data Stories: How Inforbix redefines “findability” of product data.  At Inforbix, we believe there should be an easy and intuitive way for anyone in a manufacturing company to quickly find and access the data they need to get task done.

Conclusion.  Instantly having access to the data you need is the ultimate goal of any data management system.  Inforbix takes an approach that involves the application of web, semantic, and cloud technologies to provide users an alternative yet easy means of aggregating and exposing data where ever it’s located.  Inforbix embraces the notion that when it comes to data management, less is more.  Start consolidating your data right away.  Register to use Inforbix today on your company’s data.  It’s free and painless.

Best, Oleg