Inforbix, PLM360, and extended reach of product information

The amount and level of information is growing and becoming more complex. The same can be said for systems meant to address information related issues and challenges. As more systems are adopted in companies, the complexity of these systems and the effort involved in maintaining them increases.

I recently caught a video of a roundtable discussion by analysts which included Monica Schnitger, Chad Jackson, Tom Grant, Sanjeev Pal, and Jim Brown about PLM beyond Engineering.

The interesting topic raised by these analysts in their discussion was about how to extend the reach of PLM related information in the organization. Make sure to take a moment to watch 5min video. I think you will hear an interesting set of opinions about information reach and the role of PLM.

Now, you may ask, how is this related to Inforbix?  Inforbix develops applications and an information platform that helps extend information reach throughout systems and organizations.  On the following video you can see how Inforbix integrated with Autodesk PLM 360 can help you get access to on-premise information in the cloud.

In my view, Inforbix resonates well with how PLM systems can expand the information reach in organizations and with connecting on-premise data to the cloud without ever moving  the actual data there.  Contact us to speak more about increasing the information reach of PLM (and PDM) systems and give Inforbix a try today.

Best, Oleg

picture credit Victor Habbick /