Inforbix Search Tips Video

Over the past few weeks we’ve noticed an increase in the number and types of searches our users are performing using Inforbix.  Some of our users have called us with some great questions regarding how to optimize their search results. Keep in mind that in some cases, we’re talking about searches that involve several hundred thousand files of different types (e.g. CAD, PDF, Excel, etc).  Because each company has a different way of naming files and attributes associated with product data, Inforbix gives users sufficient flexibility to search and filter results (which can number in the thousands) to just the few desired data elements.

We’ve produced a video that give our users what we hope are helpful tips for searching and finding the data they need.  If you’re not an Inforbix user, the video gives you an idea of how Inforbix help users in manufacturing companies access and expose data.

Take a look and let us know if you find the search tips helpful.  We are always happy to talk to our users and learn what kinds of searches are really important to them. Share yours with us and let us know how we can help you get more out of Inforbix.  If you’re not yet an Inforbix user, then I suggest you try our test drive demo and try some searches with our own data set.  And when ready, register to use Inforbix on your product data.  Either way, you’ll like the results.

Best, Oleg

picture credit Keattikorn /