Inforbix at SolidWorks World 2012

We just got back from San Diego where we participated in SolidWorks World 2012.   Kudos to SolidWorks for putting on an amazing show.  This year, about 6000 people attended.  On the exhibition floor, there were 110 partner companies represented, including Inforbix.  For us, it was a great and fun experience.  We had great conversations with engineers, resellers, and DS people.  We even had a chance to demo our solution to DS CEO Bernard Charles.  

We learned much and appreciated all the conversations and positive feedback we received at SWW 2012.  Best of all, as if to highlight how easy it is to get started with Inforbix, some of the visitors we received at our booth have already installed and started using Inforbix.   

Here are some pics from the show:
We are looking forward to SolidWorks World 2013 in Orlando, FL.  We can’t wait! 

Best, Oleg