Inforbix users are trending

We launched our first apps back in late October of 2011.  Back then, two apps where launched: Inforbix Search and Tables. Since, we’ve launched more apps and have extended the data types we support.  However, the biggest change to date is the growing number of Inforbix users around the world.  We are excited by the increasing number of people and companies that are using Inforbix.  Doing so, after all, is easy: the first 20,000 files we index give you full usage of the product FOR FREE.  And deploying the product takes minutes.  Most significantly, the value our users receive is big: reducing product access pain and waste.

We decided to create a map that shows the distribution of all Inforbix users, for kicks and giggles.  We thought it looked pretty cool.  So now we want to share this map with you. What’s more, we’re adding this map to our website and it will be kept up-to-date.  Here’s a picture of Inforbix users around the world, as it stands today (23-Mar-2012). You can access live map by navigating to the following link.

inforbix user map 23-Mar-2012

Join the fun and see why Inforbix and its users are trending. Become a pin on the map. Register today to use Inforbix for free!

Best, Oleg