New Inforbix app on the horizon will help find duplicates and similarities

At Inforbix we continue to develop apps that help you to get your data job and tasks done.  Many engineers tell us that finding duplicate or similar data is a painful and time consuming task. Moreover, identifying duplicate or similar content within many files is part of an engineers day to day task.  So we’ve been looking at ways of reducing that particular pain.   We think it would be really cool for people to easily find duplicate or similar copies of files and instantly compare them to understand where differences or similarities might exist.

We’ve been working on an app that painlessly lets you search and find duplicate or similar files located anywhere in your company.  By way of a sneak-preview, here are a few screen shots of a new Inforbix app we’re working on to find duplicate data and similarities amongst disparate files.  Imagine you are looking for a latch as part of a data reuse task.  On this screen shot, we see search results for similar files named “latch”:

Next, using the “Compare” feature, all the relevant attributes of both latch files selected are compared with a single click:

On this final screenshot, we see search results for all files containing duplicate or similar data:

Conclusion:  Inforbix continues to experiment and develop apps that make your life easier when it comes to accessing and exposing data in your company.  We believe the ability to easily find duplicate and similar files from among all the files in your company could be useful. What do you think?  Would the ability to painlessly find duplicate or similar files in your company be helpful?  Let us know, we’d appreciate your thoughts.

Best, Oleg