New version of Inforbix Mobile app now available

The latest version of the Inforbix Mobile app is now available on the Apple App Store.  Inforbix Mobile version 1.3 continues to provide customers with a means accessing their product data on the go.  On today’s post, I want to share with you a few iPad screen shots of Inforbix Mobile highlighting some of the new features we’ve added.

Here’s a picture of what you’ll see when you first install the app from Apple’s App Store.  I’ve inserted some comments to highlight how people can get started using the Mobile app depending on if they are new to Inforbix or a current customer.  BTW, regardless of new or not, we’ve made it very easy for anyone to use the app.  Other than the App Store download, no further installation or services are required.

This next picture shows the Mobile app Home screen.  We’ve added some buttons on the upper left to make it easy for you to access your work.

We’ve continued to make all App screens easy and intuitive to use.  We added a “Back” button to take you back to the Home screen and have continued to improve the layout of the app to improve productivity.  For example, accessing semantically linked files is now easier than ever.

Viewing is now even easier and more effective.  Using your fingers, it’s possible to increase the size of the part, assembly, or drawing in the viewing pane.

Conclusion.  Having your product data on the go will help you make decisions when away from the office.  The latest version of the Inforbix Mobile app continues to help our customers remain productive on the go.  Give it try today.  If you’re new to Inforbix, just visit the App Store, download it, and give demo it for free.

Best,  Oleg