Product data and social collaboration in manufacturing companies

For years, taking better advantage of product data in manufacturing companies meant using traditional data management and collaboration tools available to only a relatively few number of people in an organization – not everyone had the skills nor deep pockets to afford using them.  Today, product data continues to play a vital role driving innovation.  But the advent  and adoption of social networking tools is transforming the way people access and collaborate using product data.

On a recent post, I talked about how to make product data more social.  Consumer social networks and tools have migrated into the enterprise and leveled the playing field for everyone.  It is changing the way people work and collaborate and how they demand access to data.  Aligning new collaborative practices and workflows enabled by social networks with data is going to play a pivotal role in the coming years.

If you haven’t caught it yet, Inforbix is going to present at the Social PLM 2012 virtual conference taking place September 4 – 6.  We will present how Inforbix integrates product data in manufacturing companies to boost social collaboration in manufacturing companies.

Here is a short video that illustrates how Inforbix helps engineers seamlessly access and share product data:

Conclusion. Innovation is what keeps manufacturing companies one step ahead of their competition.  To remain competitive, manufacturing companies need to reduce costs and deliver products faster by taking better advantage of their product data.  Inforbix is developing tools that help people in manufacturing companies easily and quickly access product data from any source or location.  We think this will facilitate and maybe even accelerate social collaboration.  Do you see social collaboration helping drive innovation in your company?  How important a role will data access play in social collaboration in your company?

Best,  Oleg