Social experiments do end up with data, after all. Management, are you paying attention?


Social is the interesting trend today.  The power and size of social networks, and how they continue to grow, capture people’s attention.  So much so, social has captured the interest of enterprise software vendors (CAD, PLM, ERP) with their attempt to replicate the success of social networks and other social oriented software in the enterprise. [...]

Sneak preview of Inforbix Docs and thoughts about PDM on the Cloud


PDM has been around for decades.  The Cloud is trending.  At Inforbix, we think it’s time to combine PDM and the Cloud into something new.  So we started experimenting on a new kind of PDM we think will be much simpler and easier to deploy, use, and adopt than traditional PDM systems.  We’ll share more [...]

Friday Data Stories: Product Data and Why Enterprises Need Semantic Web


The enterprise is the next place where the disruption wave is going to happen. Who would have thunk it… you, perhaps?  Okay, before you flame me, let me explain.  Granted, enterprises are not known for taking bold innovative technology steps; indeed, it’s where legacy software  [aka digital zombies] still seem to thrive.  We all know [...]

Do we need sophisticated search? Nope, maybe fewer keywords and more navigation


Google has changed both our expectations and the way we do thing online. Today, we expect information on the internet to be instantly available when we want it. Searching for the latest activities of Lady Gaga, Olympic medal standings, or most anything else on the internet has never been easier. However, in the last ten [...]

Inforbix and Windchill: let’s interplay


We have recently seen growing interest among Creo-Parametric users.  For Creo-Parametric users, a big challenge presented by the growing amount of product data, is how to aggregate, access, and find the product data they need in an intuitive and simple way.  More often than not, the data they need will be sourced amongst different file types, [...]

How Inforbix helps address product data pain


In manufacturing companies, there are different sources of pain.  I’ll focus today on a particular kind of pain caused by the growing amount of data generated by designers, engineers, production, suppliers, customers, etc in manufacturing companies.  The pain is not caused by the data itself.  Rather, for many companies, it’s getting buried in an ever [...]

Inforbix Charts and Dashboard: a cool new look


So it’s summer time.  For some, time to hit the beach, go on a road trip, or holiday in distant lands.  For Inforbix, it’s a great time to experiment with what we hope are some cool and helpful UI improvements.  I’ll share with you what we’re up too. We’re thinking of adding a new option [...]

How Inforbix extends the value of PDM/PLM systems


I’ve noticed quite a bit of chatter going on about the differences or similarities between PDM and PLM.  Take a look at these recent articles, What is PDM?, PLM is just data management… Whatever Dude?, and PLM should be like Google.  Really.  What all these discussions have in common is data.  As we recently reflected [...]

How global data availability can help solve electronic manufacturing challenges


Today’s manufacturing environment is more dynamic than ever before.  We see it every day in different companies and industry segments.  One particular segment that is particularly dynamic these days is electronic manufacturing.  What makes this segment so dynamic is the high level of integration required between different companies in order to produce a finished product. [...]

Inforbix ‘Useful tasks’ and UI intuitiveness


There’s so much said, these days, about the importance of an intuitive user interface (UI).  It is hard to overstate the importance of a crisp and clear UI experience that does not distract from the task at hand. I shared some of my thoughts on UI in my BeyondPLM blog a few days ago.  Here’s [...]