Semantic technology vertical apps in manufacturing

The Semantic Technology conference gathers professionals from around to world to talk about how semantic technology tackles some of the toughest and most challenging data challenges in industry.  Go here for more info on the conference.  Linking disparate sources of data together is one way semantic technology is applied in practice.  And linked data is a topic that resonates deeply with Inforbix.  It’s how we deploy semantic technology in our apps to infer relationships amongst large amounts of data fragmented within different sources and data-silos in a company.  Here’s a post I wrote that discusses our views on linked-data, Product data, the power is in the link.

As it happens, I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to talk about vertical semantic apps in manufacturing at the upcoming SemTech 2012 in SanFrancisco in June.  Here’s more info on my talk, Semantic Vertical Applications in Manufacturing. Here is the abstract:

Semantic technologies provide the basis for a new way to deliver solutions that help drive innovation and improved decision making. Manufacturing domain oriented ontologies provide an effective way of extracting greater value from complex data by linking and connecting disparate data together in helpful and meaningful ways that improve decision making. Inforbix deploys Semantic Technology in a cloud environment via flexible and granular vertical apps that address specific data related challenges in manufacturing companies. In the session, we will present examples of manufacturing domain-oriented and upper ontologies that help improve innovation and decision making using Inforbix semantic technology apps.

I am looking forward to catching up with many of my friends and colleagues from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  Let me know if you’re planning to make it.

Best, Oleg