Friday Data Stories: Big Data driven decision making


Everyone wants to make good decisions.  And as everyone knows, to make good decision you need data. Not just any data, but the right data.  In the good old days, when data was easy and uncomplicated to access, the hard part in making a good decision was making the decision. Today, that’s changed.  The hard [...]

Inforbix and understanding your company data landscape


Data has been with us forever.  Our life and work is all about data such as documents, projects, dates, personal files, plans, and so on. With the growing pace of life and business we are generating ever increasing amounts of data everyday. Our lives today are driven by data and all things digital more so than ever [...]

Massachusetts Initiatives and Manufacturing Big Data Detonator


Massachusetts is well known as a place where many engineering and manufacturing software companies were started.  In a recent Boston Globe article, Rt. 128 was named as a center of manufacturing software development, navigate here to read the article.  Mass is well on it’s way for also taking a leadership role in the important topic of big [...]

How Inforbix piles together mobile, big data and cloud


Manufacturing and engineering software are not known as fast paced industries.  Change comes in small, and dare I say, gradual increments. Manufacturing companies are, by and large, conservative.  I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing.  Simply that by both nature and nurture, manufacturing companies tend not to rush into technology revolutions.  And with regards [...]

Inforbix, Big Data and Product Lifecycle


A week ago we attended COFES 2012. One of the discussion that caught our attention was a discussion about Big Data and Product Lifecycle. Tony Bayer nicely summarized his thoughts after this discussion on his blog.  It’s worth reading. One of the most interesting passages that grabbed my attention was this: Some credit to host Brad Holtz who [...]

Re-thinking PDM and philosophical conflicts


If you have visited our website recently, you may have noticed that we made some tweaks to the home page. And more tweaks will be on the way. We are not ashamed of this; on the contrary, we’re quite proud we are making regular changes. You see, as a young company, this is part of a culture [...]

Friday Data Stories: Big Data and Data Job Growth


This week’s data story is about how the creation of Big Data is generating a boom in Big Data related jobs.  I recently read a blog post Big Data is here, now what? by Chuck Hollis where he comments on IDC’s latest findings on the growth of Big Data.  Have a look.  There are some [...]