Inforbix and Aras Interplay


Integrating information from various sources is an important goal for anyone working in today’s complicated data environments.  Engineering departments will generate, source, and use data in different ways than people in production and manufacturing.  Yet much of this data within a company is related or linked in one way or another.  Take for example, BOMs.  Access [...]

How to start using Inforbix Apps in 3 easy steps


When we first started out developing Inforbix, an important guiding principle was to make the installation of the product easy for anyone of any skill to perform.  We want people to quickly get the benefits of Inforbix without going through a long deployment and installation process. In today’s fast paced world of meeting deadlines and [...]

COFES 2012 is about the cloud and data


We are going to to attend COFES 2012, which starts tomorrow, April 12th and runs through the 15th.  This is Inforbix’s second appearance at COFE; last year was our introductory exposure at COFES.  Read more about our attendance last year here.  We were please to win the CADwire Techno Award. I’ve taken special notice of the COFES [...]

How to make your engineering department mobile in three easy steps using Inforbix


These days mobile rocks. You may respond, so what?; engineers are still sitting near their PC and making blueprints for manufacturing and service departments. There’s nothing mobile about that.  However, isn’t it time we changed things a bit? What if pre-sales people are able to access product data on go?  Or, what if support people [...]

Update: How Inforbix pricing works


An important cultural element of Inforbix is how seriously we take feedback from our customers.  We are always hungry for feedback and comments which help us improve both our products and how easy we make doing business with Inforbix.  In our opinion, when it comes to our customers, we can never do enough to improve. [...]

Inforbix users are trending


We launched our first apps back in late October of 2011.  Back then, two apps where launched: Inforbix Search and Tables. Since, we’ve launched more apps and have extended the data types we support.  However, the biggest change to date is the growing number of Inforbix users around the world.  We are excited by the increasing number of people and companies [...]

Another addition to the Inforbix website


Inforbix is a fast moving company.  We don’t still still. We’re working hard to change the world of data access for the better.  And we continue trying to provide our website visitors with as much information as possible to help them understand exactly how, together with Inforbix, they can be part of this change. Navigate [...]

Will Inforbix do PLM?

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 8.12.12 PM

This is one of the most common questions people ask me when we start talking about Inforbix.  I think that because of my blogging background and ecosystem, people expect me to talk only about PLM and for Inforbix to reflect it as well.  Fair enough.   It’s possible that you’ve heard us say in the [...]

Inforbix pricing and how our customers can start using Inforbix


On today’s post I want to talk about how Inforbix pricing works and how it helps you get started using Inforbix without any hassles or obligations.  Our ultimate goal with our pricing strategy is to make it as simple and easy as possible for our customers to use our product.   So, how does a [...]

Inforbix Home and My Stuff app videos

I recently posted an article about our two new Inforbix apps, Home and My Stuff: New Home and My Stuff apps help you organize your stuff.  In a nut shell, both these new apps are available now and each help you take greater advantage of Inforbix as well as access and organize your product data.  We [...]