Vic Sanchez, Languages and Inforbix Social Credo

I have another great piece of news to share with readers of our blog  by welcoming on board Vic Sanchez to the Inforbix management team. Vic brings to Inforbix over two decades of business experience helping organizations sustainably grow their top and bottom line.  They range from Hewlett-Packard to Autodesk. In his latest assignment prior to joining Inforbix, he helped establish Newforma as the number one leader in Project Information Management solutions.  He’s led operations with over 500 employees in 32 countries with half a billion dollars in yearly sales to early-stage companies with a hand-full of wild-and-crazy market pioneers.

I found, after Vic joined Inforbix, that we doubled the number of languages our management team can speak to our community in.  I see this as an important part of Inforbix Social Credo – that is, to become a company actively engaged and participating in open dialog with our customer and partner community using Social Networking and other Web 2.0 tools. To this end,  Vic will join me as a contributing writer on the Inforbix Product Data Space blog.

Best, Oleg