Why Inforbix is excited about Office 2013

Today was clearly “Microsoft day” in the news. Even Marissa Mayer’s appointment as a CEO of Yahoo didn’t distract us from the excitement about Microsoft Office 13. So why the excitement? Let me share with you why. First, Microsoft announced the long awaited and BIG release of Office 2013. Navigate here to learn more, Microsoft New Version of Office Revealed,  it will give you good perspective of what Microsoft announced.

In addition to all the excitement around the new touch interface, social features, etc., the CLOUD is one of the key features of Office 2013. Until now, Office was tightly connected to PCs. Not anymore. Here’s an article from techradar on what office 2013 will mean for your business.  I quote from the article:

Office 2013 a cloud and PC combination

There’s another equally major change to the way you buy Office. It’s not just cloud connected; it’s sold as a combination cloud and PC service. With one of the four Office 365 plans, whether you’re a one-man band, a small company or a large enterprise, you get a new way of buying and deploying Office that automatically keeps you up to date, across multiple PCs and other devices, and adds cloud sync for documents and settings.

This passage from the article caught our attention because it resonates so well with what Inforbix does. Inforbix makes all product data, CAD drawings, bill of materials, product excels, 3D Models, available for engineers and others regardless of where the data is located.  Moreover, Inforbix product apps are cloud based.

The new MS Office 2013 highlights many of Inforbix’s advantages – it’s two cloud apps working seamlessly together.  What’s more, Inforbix enriches Office 2013 apps, e.g. Excel, by making it possible for them to access product data in a very easy way, e.g. extracting a BOM table from a CAD drawing and making that data available to Excel 2013.  Here’s how it works today:

With regards to another Office 2013 app, Sharepoint, here’s what I posted yesterday in case you haven’t caught it, Why companies need an “Engineering Specific” Information Management System .

Conclusion. We are going to experiment on how to make Inforbix coud services available via Office 2013. Inforbix’s open data architecture and the new PC + Cloud approach taken by Microsoft offers an interesting opportunity to innovate in ways that benefit data consumers.

Best, Oleg